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Vacation Rental at Waikiki Shore managed by Castle Vacation Rentals Hawaii.

The Castle Difference

Being a full service property management company originating and deeply rooted in the Hawaiian Islands, Castle Vacation Rentals knows Hawaii. In the course of our 25+ years in the property and rental management industry, we’ve revolutionized property management with easy to use services and systems that maximize the revenue for our homeowners

To do that, we coupled unmatched technology, marketing and revenue expertise within dedicated Hawaii-based support teams, resulting in our becoming the largest Vacation Rental Management company in the islands.

Sit Back and Relax. We'll handle it all!

Castle's all-inclusive services will take care of your investment.

Homeowners benefit from our 25+ years experience in the vacation rental management business, plus 150+ combined years of Hawaii marketing experience among our team members. 

Big numbers...but it all adds up to each homeowner being assured that their investment is in the best hands

Castle makes it easy for homeowners to become a part of our ohana (family). With no fees, we'll arrange professional photography and 360 degree virtual tour for marketing and advertising programs to bring your vacation rental as much exposure as possible.

We also customize unit-specific content and images to promote your investment via traditional and web-based channels that reach millions of travel consumers daily! That's right: millions, daily.

When Castle manages your vacation rental, we'll handle the complete set-up (with no fees!) and day-to-day operations. Our secure online system handles all financial aspects, including transactions, bookings, deposits, billings and your payments. Your revenue checks can go directly into your bank account. Along with your rental revenue, we'll provide you with monthly reports covering rental dates of each booking, expenses and revenue generated.

Here's where it gets heavy (tech alert): Castle's maximized distriubtion reaches hundreds of marketing channels via innovative technology and business intelligence - all with seamless integration that manages all marketing channels to maximize the return on your investment

By engaging our longtime and trusted travel partners as well as all major online travel sites, your property will be promoted to more travelers month in, month out. Plus, our long-standing relationships with these agencies also lead to higher conversion rates

Want more numbers? Then count on a full list of property management services that range from sales and marketing, housekeeping, preventative maintenance and providing almost everything you may need to create a superior rental product - things like toiletries, linens, towels and even renovation tips & resources.

Once you're up and running online with Castle, you'll be receiving a maximum return on your investment through our meticulous and comprehensive, renvenue management strategy. 

Castle has it's finger on the pulse of Hawaii's unique market (it's a very large finger). This translates to increased bookings and maximized revenue for our homeowners. 

How? Because we know Hawaii so well, we can (and do) target and reach more customers that want to "live like a local" on their Hawaii getaway through both traditional and web-based marekting channels that reach millions of travel consumers daily. 

Happy guests not only become repeat guests, but they also spread the word which attracts even more guests.

Protection with Proprietary Technology

Castle cares about your Hawaii home and it's security. That's why we have state-of-the-art technology available to protect our rental units.

Depending on the rules of the individual property, available technology tools may include a proprietary Digital Lock System for secure, keyless entry; smart doorbell cameras for convenience and peace-of-mind; tablet and app to facilitate communication with management and maintenance; and extensive monitoring systems that further protect both your guest and your investment.

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Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

If you want a winning program, a program that is growing, it's Castle
Jeff Smith, Homeowner, Kiahuna Plantation, Kauai
I've had experience wih 3 different management companies, and Castle is the best! 
Ted Simon, Homeowner, Waikiki Shore, Oahu

Maximizing Your Returns

Point by Point & Connecting the Dots.

Castle's innovative technology and business intelligence delivers unmatched marketing reach millions of travel consumers each day through both traditional and web-based marketing channels. 

The result? Total confidence that your vacation rental is receiving maximum exposure to targeted markets that love visiting Hawaii and experiencing their ultimate dream vacations

Castle has years of experience employing effective revenue management strategies. But what exactly does that mean?

It means you'll achieve maximum return on your investment through our dedicated Revenue Optimization Team that is equipped with proven tools and technology to make the most of your investment. It sounds simple, but it's not. But it's what successful hospitatlity rental companies know what to do in order to thrive. And Rule One: ensure your clients thrive.

Our experienced and award-winning marketing and website teams are focused on search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more direct business to your vacation rental. 

And you'll always be in touch with them and be fully informed about your investment by ultilizing your dedicated Management Team and Owner Portal to contact us, view your live-time calendar and listing and more! Anytime & anywhere!

Hawaii is perhaps the most unique tourism market in the United States. To take care of your investment, Castle features management teams and tools based on each of the five major Hawaiian Islands: Oahu, Maui, The Big Island of Hawaii, Kauai and Molokai. 

We know Hawaii because we are Hawaii. We are a Hawaii based company founded more than 25 years ago, and we've grown right along with Hawaii's tourism industry, so we know everything there is to know about Hawaii tourism, and how it got to where it is today. Therefore, we are contstantly on top of market conditions and how any changes will impact the hospitality and vacation rental markets. Coupled with our experience and technology, this enables us to make revenue-effective adjustments in a New York minute (even though, you know, like we've mentioned a few times, we are a Hawaii company). The takeaway: we know Hawaii and know how to make it work for our Owners and Guests. 

We're proud of our innovative technology that's unmatched by any other Vacation Rental company in Hawaii.

We started with investing more than $1 million dollars to develop a new technology platform that none of our competitors can offer. Then we went to work to further develop this new platform into a powerful tool that allows us to not only sell our vacation rental inventory through our hospitality distruibution channels such as Expedia and Booking.com, but additionally sell and accept reservations specifically for your vacation rental through our Castle Vacation Rentals Hawaii website. But that's not all. We will also market your property on vacation rental sites such as HomeAway, VRBO and Airbnb. A virtual arsenal of marketing power that no one can match.

In addtion to our website technology, our local 24/7 teams will install, maintain and monitor a digital lock and router, assuming the upmost care and protection of your investment. All at no charge.

Hear that knocking sound? That's the future. It's at your door, just waiting for you to open it up. Tell it to use the doorbell next time.

If you've been following along so far, you may have noticed that we don't like charging upfront fees. Rather than charging homeowners fees for set-up, Castle invests in marketing your Vacation Rental for you.

We'll arrange professional photography and 360 degree virtual tours, to promote your vacation rental, and customize your descriptions and images to showcase your island home to millions of travel consumers and online travel agencies. Each and every day. 

3D Virtual Tours

Castle uses the latest technology and spares no expense to showcase your vacation rental home and make it stand out among the rest.

Today's travelers want to know exactly what they are booking. And with 3D tours, potential renters can virtually walk through your home and see it for themselves while sitting 3,000 miles away at their computer. Managing traveler expectations is one of Castle's areas of expertise. Assuring the right match of a traveler's expectations, needs, and wants to the right property leads to more bookings and happy guests. And more bookings means more money to our owners. We've found that generally makes owners really happy. 

And for those following the program so far this will not be a surprise: this comes with no charge. Professional photography, customized descriptions and 3D tours are all included when we set up your vacation rental listing. 

Insight from Castle's President & CEO

It is through our innovation, flexibility, and commitment to personalized service that we have become one of the fastest growing hospitality management companies in the Pacific. 
Alan Mattson, President & Chief Executive Officer

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If you're handling short-term rentals for your Hawaii Vacation Home, it's likely you've hit a wall where the process becomes more burden than pleasure. Certainly, you'll save money by self-managing, but does the stress sometimes (often?) make you wonder if it's worth the effort?

When Castle manages your investment through our Castle Vacation Rentals program, we do all the work while you relax and enjoy the benefits. Our secure online system handles all financial aspects, including transactions, bookings, deposits, billings and your payments. We also promote your Vacation home through distribution channels reaching literally millions of vacation travelers through traditional and web-based channels.

The check you receive transfers directly into your bank account. Along with your rental revenue, we'll provide you with monthly reports covering rental dates of each booking, expensese and revenue geneerated. We also stay on top of all legislative efforts and legal requirements that affect all vacation rental properties in Hawaii.

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Changing Property Managers

The first step in earning more from your Vacation Rental is listing your property with a Full-Service Management Company that makes you feel like you're ohana (family). Castle tailors our services to the distinct needs of each condominium, resort, or home in our portfolio and the individual Vacation Rental owners who become a part of our family.

When joining our ohana, you'll enjoy seamless integration with elevated benefits that include our longevity in the tourism industry, intimate knowledge of each Hawaiian Island destination, an elevated level of operating standards, and track record for success based on best practices. We also stay on top of all legislative efforts and legal requirements that affect all Vacation Rental properties in Hawaii.

Learn how simple and seamless it is for Castle to take over your property management services today! 

We'd Love to Help with That!

Turning your long-term rental into a short-term rental managed by Castle is an ideal investment move! Why? There are many reasons but by far the most important one is that you'll have the potential to make more money

A long term rental will generate a stable cash flow but it will be fixed, which means it won't go up anytime soon. But Castle has the knowledge & expertise to adjust pricing easily & frequently, this gives us a chance to make sure that there is a steady stream of revenue being generated for our owners (usually that's increased revenue). Since Hawaii is a top vacation destination the demand is there and since Castle has over 25+ years’ experience in the Hawaii vacation rental management business the expertise is there.

All your required to do is sit back & relaxwe will take care of everything!

If you'd like to hear more about how Castle can help please complete the form "Request More Information" located at the bottom of the page

Our Team will contact you directly & show you how Castle can optimize your income potential! 

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You go first: Please complete the form "Request More Information" located at the bottom of the page.

Our turn next: We'll reach out to you directly & help you optimize your income potential and management ease through Castle Vacation Rentals.

Owner's Circle

If you're thinking that this can't possible get any better, get ready for one more big bennie: When you join the Castle vacation rental program, you are automatically enrolled in our Castle Owner's Circle program. And a wise man once said, "membership has its priviledges" (or was it a credit card company? Whatever.)

This program allows you to save an additional 25% off our best available rate at all of our participating Castle vacation rentals in Hawaii! There's also a special rate on rental cars that you can use anywhere in the US. (And even some international destinations. This is a nice deal.)

Just another example that when you're an owner with Castle, you truly are part of our ohana! That's Hawaiian for "family".

Now, what do you say we start protecting your investment and making you more money? (How many family members tell you that?)

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